Jensine Larsen


Award-winning digital impact entrepreneur, international journalist, and global women’s rights expert, Jensine (Yen-See-Nah) is a frequent speaker on the power of technology to speed up global women's power. Jensine represents World Pulse at multiple collective impact coalitions, including Equals Global Partnership, a coalition bridging the gendered digital divide, and is a fellow of the Academy for Systems Change - a ten-year fellowship for the planet's next generation of system change leaders.

Zulma Miranda

VP, Global Partnerships

Zulma is a social impact philanthropy executive and human rights lawyer who partners with executive directors, boards of directors, foundations, and philanthropists to advance social issues on a global level. A compelling and passionate voice of leadership, she has developed and implemented initiatives centered on lifting up the voices and stories of the most marginalized people around the world, establishing landmark legal precedents in domestic and international forums.

Moutushi Dey

Director of Finance and Operations

A seasoned global finance and operations professional with nearly 20 years of experience, Moutushi has a proven record of delivering customer-focused solutions and business strategies that improve revenues and margins. Moutushi deploys her broad experience in the for-profit and non-profit sector, and startups, to lead World Pulse's financial planning, operations, and strategic use of resources.

Dawn Arteaga

Director of Community Engagement

Nurturing World Pulse's global online community and distributed leadership strategy, Dawn has 15 years of expertise in online community networks, digital strategies, and communications. She develops and orchestrates World Pulse's leadership programs, community feedback loops, and oversees World Pulse's measurement, evaluation, and learning work. She speaks and leads workshops on digital strategy and advocacy around the world.

Corine Milano

Director of Storytelling

With 15 years of editorial expertise at the intersection of media and advocacy, Corine works closely with global women leaders to amplify their stories, experiences, and expertise to both mainstream audiences and influential forums. She has more than a decade of experience directing World Pulse's storytelling content, communications, and crowdsourced campaign strategies, producing dynamic story packages and social content representing diverse women's voices across the globe.

Krizelle Manzano

Director of Marketing and Communications

An experienced digital marketer, Krizelle uses her passion for social media for good to expand World Pulse's global voice and community engagement. Through the creation of digital campaigns and strategies, collaborating between multiple creative teams, and crafting distinct brand stories, she channels World Pulse's unique community spirit to engage wider audiences.

Emily Frazier

Head of Technology

As Head of Tech, Emily Frazier specializes in multi-tiered technical and creative integrations for World Pulse. With a BFA in Film Production, Emily builds web applications, creates automated systems, integrates cybersecurity risk assessments, and ensures online accessibility standards. She provides an array of design and immersive experiences, and the exploration of multi-sensory interaction techniques (such as developing new auditory and tangible interfaces, sensing modalities, natural language processing, and machine learning across different technologies).

Ana Lozano

Digital Advocacy Manager

Ana is a social change professional with experience as a campaign, movement building, advocacy, and public engagement strategist. She brings a passion and energy to World Pulse through storytelling, community building, and influencing decision-makers and policy-makers for women's rights. Ana lives in Mexico, but a piece of her heart is in Scotland where she received her MSc in Sociology and Global Change from the University of Edinburgh.

Kay Link

Development Manager

Kay leads fundraising for our sisterhood, finding new opportunities for us to grow. She has a Bachelors degree in International Studies, Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution from American University and came to World Pulse with a background working in non-profits supporting children and people with disabilities, as well as collaborating with communications teams at think tanks in DC. Kay is a passionate intersectional feminist dedicated to helping women share their voice and their story to connect and ignite change across the world.

Nadia Forte

Executive Affairs Administrator

Nadia possesses 20+ years of experience in executive administration and project management. She has deep expertise in the global travel and events industry and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Tourism & Hospitality Management from Temple University, Philadelphia. Nadia continues to be passionate about exploring and appreciating different cultures and helping to enrich lives through creating unique and memorable international experiences.

Lynn Conway

Senior Data Analyst

Lynn brings nearly 40 years of experience to World Pulse as a software developer. Her belief in balance, reliability, and respect for others makes her a collaborative and communicative member of our team who works well in community problem-solving / brainstorming environments to develop positive outcomes that drive projects forward. Lynn loves the outdoors, her dogs, knitting, and baking.

Manasa Ram Raj

Community Engagement Coordinator

As an advocate for ending gender-based violence and using digital media to empower communities, Manasa’s passion is fueled by reading stories from women on the ground. As the Community Engagement Coordinator here at World Pulse, Manasa connects with grassroots women change-makers from around the world, engage on different leadership offerings, and together build momentum on issues towards gender equality and digital empowerment!

Jill Langhus

Mentoring Coach

Jill lives in Spain and is the founder and CEO of Liluye, a non-profit whose mission is to create innovative and sustainable handmade products to help trafficked survivors reintegrate into society by teaching them a viable trade and providing them with income. This dovetails with Jill's role at World Pulse where she mentors and empowers women, providing guidance and support to develop their personal and professional skills.

Karen Quinones-Axalan

Encourager Coach

With a Masters in Development Communications from the University of the Philippines Open University, Karen uses her experience as a writer, speaker, and advocate to empower women to own their stories and support healing through encouragement and empathy. She is a survivor of storms, wife, and mom to boys.

Board of Directors

Jessica Robinson


Jessica is a global cybersecurity leader and CEO of PurePoint International. Daily, she works with leaders to build inner and outer security, particularly for vulnerable and underrepresented populations including people of color, women and Black communities. Through PurePoint she helps CEOs prevent data breaches by bridging the gap among data security, cyber risk, and privacy. In addition to safeguarding World Pulse as a secure space for the flourishing of women’s voices, Jessica sits on the board of the authentication technology company, Netlok. Jessica's philosophy of holistic security has been featured in media such as The Root, BBC, Bustle, CNN, Mother Jones, and on stages such as Social Venture Network Conference, Women in Tech East Coast, Women of Silicon Valley, TriBeCa Film Festival Anti-Summit, Lesbians Who Tech + Allies, Women’s Economic Forum, The Hague, United Nations, U.S. Capitol, Microsoft, IAMCP - Women in Tech, and numerous other organizations, and has published articles with various publications including Security Director Magazine.

Aparna Sanjay

Vice Chair

With over 16 years working in business responsibility (CSR), philanthropy, social enterprise, and nonprofit management, Aparna is passionate about meaningful growth and scale. She is experienced in starting things from scratch, fundraising, grant-making, strategic stakeholder management, program development, & capacity-building for social businesses and nonprofits. Previously Aparna was the Executive Director at Social Venture Partners (India), a global network of engaged philanthropists, where she led the Bangalore chapter and worked to grow SVP’s presence pan-India. She has also worked with the Earthy Goods Foundation, a social enterprise that provided business advisory and design inputs to Indian artisans, as well as marketing ethically-sourced products from India’s remote villages. She also ran the CSR function for MphasiS, a large Indian technology company. Aparna values resilience, empathy, gratitude, and a growth mindset above all else.

Shofali Agarwal


Shofali is based in Toronto and brings her background as a CPA and MBA plus her experience in finance, strategy, and marketing to her role as Treasurer on our Board. Shofali has a passion for empowering women and children to live life to their fullest potential.

Beth Lacey


Beth is the Founder and CEO of The Lacey Family Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to the healing power of animals. She is an expert advisor with The Martellus Group and helps a diverse set of senior executive roles over 25 years with the American Express Company. Beth brings her expertise as a strategic and innovative leader along with her ability to design exceptional customer experiences to her role as World Pulse Board Secretary. She also serves on the Advisory Board for Unleashed, NYC.

Olutosin Adebowale

Community Chair

Olutosin is a Nigerian social entrepreneur, women’s rights activist, community leader, and poet. Her work as a global advocate empowers rural women and girls. As the founder of Star of Hope Transformation Centre, she works in local communities to end child sexual abuse and heal survivors. Olutosin is an author, citizen journalist, and poet who speaks out frequently on the topics of widowhood, corruption, poverty, and transformational leadership.

Anne Dupont

Chair Emeritus

Anne is a change leader and business consultant, mentoring women on their leadership journey. As a Principal at The AthenA Group and former partner with Accenture, Anne brings her expertise in organizational culture change to World Pulse along with a personal passion for helping women succeed--to help them find their inner courage and use it to make change happen, both for themselves and others.

Colleen Abdoulah

Chair Emeritus

Colleen is World Pulse Board Chair Emeritus, philanthropist, coach, mentor, volunteer, and past Chair & CEO at WOW! Internet, Cable, and Phone. As a nationally recognized business leader, Colleen shares her expertise in administration, strategic planning, marketing, operations, business development, research/data analysis, employee relations, advertising, and public relations. Her partnership with World Pulse is part of her lifelong dedication to service through philanthropic organizations.

Daphne Luong

Board Member

Daphne is a software engineer at Google where she leads efforts in natural language understanding and human computation. She is also a business and leadership mentor with the Global Social Benefit Institute, which accelerates social-impact enterprises that have developed innovative solutions to the problems of poverty. Daphne is also an advisory board member at AI4All and El Camino Hospital Women's Hospital in Mountain View, CA.

Mahnaz Harrison

Board Member

Mahnaz is a health executive working internationally to design innovative community-centric health and rights-to-health solutions. She brings her passion for women’s and girls' rights to health, safety, and economic livelihood to fruition through her work with partners in governmental and nonprofit organizations in Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria. She is a graduate of Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies/SAIS and a Fulbright Scholar.

Chi Yvonne Leina

Board Member

Leina is the Founder of Women Relief Services in Cameroon, a non-profit that works to promote gender equality through women's access to good health, education, and security in parts of Africa. As a writer, speaker and storyteller, Leina is dedicated to shining a light on the lives of unheard women and girls around the world by unlocking their voices and potential through training, digital networking, and solution-oriented storytelling.

Theresa Gattung

Board Member

Theresa is a New Zealander who is passionate about business, the advancing of women's interests, and animal welfare. She was CEO of Telcom New Zealand. She is a speaker and author, and has been named one of Forbes' Most Powerful Women and has been on Fortune magazine's Most Powerful Women list several times. Theresa channels her passions through her philanthropic endeavors as Co-Founder of My Food Bag and World Women, and Founder of the Eva Doucas Charitable Trust.

Jody Vandergriff

Board Member

Jody is an entrepreneur and chief executive with 15+ years of experience building passionate teams and award-winning products. She is the founder of WebDAM, the first cloud-based digital asset management platform for enterprise marketing teams. Currently, Jody is a speaker and, as the ChiefSeeker, is in the start-up phase of a digital travel inspiration platform, Seeker.

Shadia Sadaqa

Board Member

Shadia is a global communications and public relations strategist who has worked in a variety of industries (aerospace, healthcare, non-profit, media, government, finance, higher education) and locations (Dubai, Rome, and Washington D.C.). Her international work has fostered connections around the world and helped develop her global perspective. She has an MBA in International Finance and a Masters in International Public Affairs.​

Jamie Rice

Board Member

Jamie is a Marketing and Advertising expert who has spent the last 18 years working with top global brands implementing strategy and building partnerships to grow their business. Using her knowledge of prejudice and violence against women, she led a fundraising campaign for a film about the endangered status of women and girls in India ( This experience galvanized Jamie's resolve to work to empower women and girls.

Jeanine Becker

Board Member

Jeanine wears many hats — lecturer, consultant, coach, international speaker. With her JD from Stanford, she started in law, moved to the tech sector, and transitioned to consulting and training on collaborative leadership for teams engaged with multi-stakeholder interventions on early childhood education, preventative health, and homelessness. She is an international speaker and she has presented at Wisdom 2.0, Emerging Women, Leading Women in Tech, and the Global Innovation Summit.

Joy Xi

Board Member

Joy Xi is passionate about building community and fostering dialogue across different sources of identity and belief. She founded the Denver chapter of the Common Space Forum, an in-person, moderated discussion event that explores a range of issues facing society. Joy is currently a product manager at Google and previously worked in venture capital and management consulting. Joy holds a BA in Economics from Harvard University and both an MS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from Stanford University.

Karen Dayan

Board Member

Karen brings 20+ years of executive marketing strategy and execution for B2B & B2C markets in start-up, corporate, and non-profit environments - driving companies to successful exits both acquisition and IPO. She has deep knowledge of Consumer, SMB, and Enterprise market segments as well as partner programs & relationships. Karen is an expert in strategizing and optimizing marketing planning and execution including branding, positioning & messaging, public relations, online marketing (search, display, mobile, social), email marketing, event strategy, and interactive promotions.

Jensine Larsen


Award-winning digital impact entrepreneur, international journalist, and global women’s rights expert, Jensine (Yen-See-Nah) is a frequent speaker on the power of technology to speed up global women's power. Jensine represents World Pulse at multiple collective impact coalitions, including Equals Global Partnership, a coalition bridging the gendered digital divide, and is a fellow of the Academy for Systems Change - a ten-year fellowship for the planet's next generation of system change leaders.

Global Voice Council

Our Global Voice Council members are leading storytellers, movement-leaders, and technology activists who are lifting the voices of World Pulse and creating a new story for under-represented voices worldwide.

Loung Ung

Award-winning author, Human Rights Activist

Jane Goodall

Founder, the Jane Goodall Institute, UN Messenger of Peace

Madame Gandhi

Gender liberation artist, musician, activist

Mariane Pearl

Journalist, author, Chime for Change editor

Esra'a Al Shafei

Civil rights activist, blogger , founder of Majal (Mideast Youth)

Wanjira Mathai

Environmentalist, Activist, Chair of Wangari Mathai Foundation

Grandmother Flordemayo

Curandera Espiritu, Member of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

Karla Ruiz Cofiño

Technology for Good leader, UNESCO World Champion

Mallika Dutt

Interconnectedness expert, award-winning storyteller

Hazel Henderson

Economic Futurist

Neema Namadamu

Disability and Gender Activist; Founder, Hero Women

Iffat Gill

Digital inclusion leader, The Code the Change

Stella Paul

Journalist, Courage in Journalism awardee, International Women's Media Foundation

Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda

African Union Goodwill Ambassador on ending child marriage, Human Rights Lawyer

Elizabeth Kapuʻuwailani Lindsey

Polynesian Explorer, Storyteller

Sharon Bhagwan Rolls

Media, Peace, Gender activist, Co-chair of Global Fund for Women

Global Advisory Network

Our Global Advisory Network is a dynamic group of specialists who bring additional expertise and innovation needed to achieve World Pulse’s ambitious goals.

Françoise Hovivian

GAN Chair Woman Globalization,International Matters, Localization

Francoise is a critical thinker with operational experience in project and program management, e-commerce, digital marketing, brand awareness, and technical strategy development. She is Project Manager for PurePoint International, Creative Director/Marketer/Fashion Designer at Petite Fadette, a filmmaker, volunteer, and advisor.

Deena Anreise

Storyteller, Strategic Marketer, Leader

Deena is Director of Marketing and Communications at Because Health, a telemedicine platform that connects patients and specialist physicians through video chat, messaging, and/or in-person office consults. Deena is a creative problem solver, storyteller, content creator, and peer mentor.

Davar Ardalan

Director of Storytelling and Engagement

Davar is a tech entrepreneur, Founder, and Storyteller in Chief IVOW AI, a startup specializing in AI-driven cultural content, aiming to make navigating the global marketplace easier via cultural analysis. She is also the former Deputy Director of the White House Presidential Innovation Fellowship Program in Washington D.C. and a veteran journalist at NPR News. Davar is an author, memoirist, and supporter of AIGrrls and Second Muse.

Suzanne Biegel

Gender Lens Impact Investor

Suzanne -- Adviser. Connector. Creative Thinker. Board Member. Investor. Philanthropist. Suzanne speaks frequently at conferences about a myriad of topics, primarily about investing with a gender lens. Her focus is working to catalyze investors to move more capital, more strategically, with more velocity, with a gender lens, globally. Suzanne is, among other things, Co-founder of GenderSmart Investing and CEO with Catalyst at Large Consulting.

Emily Bove

Global Advocacy

Emily is an executive leader within the global women’s rights movement and development community aiming to inspire others to take on feminist leadership as both an ideological and practical mantra, to transform the development sector. Emily is Executive Director at Batonga Foundation and Founder & Curator of the Feminist Leadership Project, which started #ThisIsWhatFeministLeadershipLooksLike, an effort to amplify the voices of those walking the talk every day.

Nichol Bradford

Transformative Technology Executive

Nichol is fascinated by human potential and technology. She is the CEO & Founder of the Willow Group and the Executive Director and co-founder of the Transformative Technology Lab, Conference, and TT200 List. Prior to becoming a leader in Transformative Technology, Nichol was a senior executive in video games with responsibility for strategy, operations, and marketing for major brands including Activision Blizzard, Disney, and Vivendi Games, as well as operating World of Warcraft China.

Schuyler Brown

Visionary Brand Builder & Futurist

Schuyler is the founder of the Art of Emergence, which supports deep individual and systemic transformation towards a better world. She is a futurist with an emphasis on the present moment, a coach, empath, and corporate shaman.

Caleb Bushner

Digital Design and Innovation Strategist

Caleb likes big ideas and loves making those ideas happen as Vice President at Mission North. He has worked at startups and consultancies, providing strategic guidance to move organizations toward emerging opportunities and stronger market positions. When not shaping digital strategies, Caleb is a competitive cyclist and has managed to forget how to speak Chinese and Spanish–but still loves the food.

Alessandra Chiareli

Global Strategic Leader

Scientist by training, collaborative and inclusive global business leader with experience in strategic planning, operational execution, building of high performing diverse teams, cultivates mindful self-awareness as a vital aspect of effective leadership in the workplace, passionate about the power of mentoring to develop our next generation leaders.

Bev Corwin

Technology Strategist, Language Localization Expert

Bev is Director of Technology for DDC, a co-founder of Technology Transfer Days, the Information Architecture Institute, and the Enso Center for International Arts. She consults for global nonprofit and for-profit organizations, serves on advisory boards, and in her spare time volunteers for nonprofit educational organizations.

Nan Crawford

Public Speaking, Presentation, Influence & Leadership Coach

Nan specializes in coaching bold women leaders to deliver high-stakes presentations and high-impact conversations. She helps clients leverage their strength, wisdom, and creativity so they inspire audiences to take meaningful action. Her work is focused on issues of economic, environmental, and social justice. Nan is a pioneer in using theatre as a lens for leadership. She is a keynote speaker, guest lecturer, and the Main-Stage Director for The Bioneers conference on sustainability.

Donna D'cruz

Global Consciousness DJ

Donna founded Rasa Music, a woman-owned record company that releases world music, has produced music for Deepak Chopra and recordings for meditation. She travels the world as a Celebrity DJ and leads people to ecstatic, profound experiences as they celebrate the biggest moments in their lives. Donna has been teaching and guiding meditations with music for years. She combines her love of music with her passion for awakening consciousness.

Erica Fite

Global Brand Creative

Erica is Founding Partner and co-COO at Fancy, a strategic/creative brand-building agency that elevates what matters to women. She is a natural empath who cultivates meaningful connections with consumers and brings a snappy, stylish vibe to every project. Erica has particular expertise in reaching women over 40.

Abby Goldberg

Media Strategy and Advocacy

Abby is a filmmaker, thought leader, advocate, and strategist with over a decade of experience building and leading human rights organizations, including Digital Democracy, and the New Media Advocacy Project (N-Map). Abby works in partnership with governments, business leaders, artists, NGOs, and grassroots advocates to solve the world’s most pressing problems using a diverse arsenal of advocacy tools including technology and video. She is Founder and President of Variant Strategies.

Nanci Luna Jiménez

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Healer

Nanci’s unique approach to diversity, inclusion, and social justice continues the legacy of work first started by Dr. Erica “Ricky” Sherover Marcuse, who coined the term “unlearning racism,” and then carried on by recognized cross-cultural communication specialist Lillian Roybal Rose, M.Ed.

Melissa Kelly

Marketing Operations Expert

Melissa has over 10 years of experience in marketing and is currently Marketing Operations Manager at Agari, the leader in phishing defense solutions. Her vision is to help build a world with social, economic, and legal equality — promoting opportunity for all.

Susan Kenniston

Technology & Operations Executive

Susan brings her roots, passions, skills, and experiences of living and learning across several areas and continents. Utilizing her background in sustainability, innovation, technical strategies, and data analytics, she helps guide the voices on our platform to make connections and take action. Susan is Principal Consultant - Strategy & Operations at Slalom Consulting.

Aditi Mohapatra

Business for Social Responsibility Advisor

Aditi is Managing Partner at BSR (Business for Social Responsibility) leading the global portfolio of work on women’s empowerment across consulting, collaboration, and research. She has expertise in sustainable business strategies and women's empowerment. She has led corporate engagements on the subjects of gender corporate governance and gender equality, including the advancement of the Calvert Women’s Principles.

Amie Newman

Strategic Communications for Social Change

Amie is a global health communicator, racial and social justice advocate, writer, and editor. As a consultant and Director of Communications at Amara, she has worked with social justice-focused foundations and nonprofits including Our Bodies Ourselves, International Women's Media Foundation, and Foundation for a Just Society.

Daphne Ortiz

Public Relations Expert

Daphne is a public relations expert who knows the power of media attention and what it can do for a brand, personality, company, and organization. She is the founder of StatementPR with expertise in sports, lifestyle, fashion, and non-profits while also working with some of Hollywood’s top personalities, filmmakers and movies. Daphne believes in the power of giving back -- she is active in Step Up Women’s Network, The Junior League of Chicago, is on the board of Heshima Kenya.

Robin Parisse

Media Therapist and Project Manager

Robin is a Media Therapist who brings cross-industry experience in technology, retail, and consumer products to both technical and non-technical audiences to drive transformation and positive action, bridging the gaps to achieve as they navigate. Robin’s forte is simplifying complex technology projects and processes to generate impactful solutions. She is a traveler, writer, and lover of learning and sharing.

Geri Pell

Private Wealth Advisor

Geri is a private wealth advisor and financial planner at Pell Wealth Advisors, a mentor, and public speaker. She focuses on sustainably responsible investing and women's financial strategies. Geri believes in the power of Social Impact Investing and the profound effect investing with your values can have on your finances and the world. She takes pride in her ability to ask the right questions and to listen closely.

Ramya Ramanathan

Communications Strategist and Storyteller

Ramya is a journalist and storyteller who has been published globally in a range of newspapers, websites, and magazines including Canadian Immigrant, Indian Express, Economic Times, World Pulse Magazine, and Peace Magazine. She is a marketing and communications specialist with 20+ years experience developing and implementing strategies, stakeholder engagement, content management, cause-related advocacy and campaigns, digital marketing and social media, brand management, PR, and crisis communications.

Natalie Rekstad

Philanthropy Consultant

Natalie's superpower is leveraging a strategist’s mind and philanthropist’s heart to attract significant and sustainable funding for global NGO clients. She leads a purpose-driven life as Founder & CEO of Black Fox Philanthropy, a B Corp fundraising strategy firm serving global NGOs that exists to accelerate the social sector’s effectiveness. She is a sought after panelist, speaker, and resource for organizations and universities on the topic of philanthropy, the social sector, and fundraising.

April Rinne

Global Citizenship Expert

April is equal parts global authority, advocate, ally, and adventurer. She sees trends early, understands their potential, and helps others do the same. Focus areas include the digital economy, sharing economy, future of work, travel and tourism, and public policy. April is the founder of April Worldwide, is a keynote speaker, advisor, mentor, investor, and globetrotter. Her expertise includes policy reform, the future of work, the future of travel & tourism, sustainable development, cities, and emerging markets.

Marisa Rivera

Leadership & Empowerment Expert

Marisa Rivera is an award-winning motivational speaker and CEO of Mpowerment Works. She has over 30 years of experience in leadership and staff development, women’s empowerment, educational training, and international work in 15+ countries. She is a producer of Latina Voices: Leadership Journeys, an educational video showcasing Latina leaders sharing their secrets to success.

Rebecca Rodskog

Workplace Crusader, Workplace innovations

Rebecca’s wish is that all of us be so engrossed and in love with our work, that we want it to be infused into our identity. Rebecca founded Rodskog Change Consulting to show people and organizations how to embrace change, increase growth and productivity, and find a profound sense of value. She is also the founder of Future Now, which offers speaking events and training to help organizations transform outdated practices into market-leading cultures.

Lena Beck Roervig

Global Leadership Development

Lena coaches executives to their professional goals and equips them to live a life that is true to themselves. She is the CEO & founder of Beck Global Consulting and a partner at The Personal Business Plan™. She is the creator of the concept of how to advance women in leadership: ShowYourWorth®. Additionally, Lena co-founded the retreat ‘Bohemian for a Weekend™’ that builds on the unique Art-Mind-Body concept™.

Sarah Rose

Digital Monetization Expert

Sarah is a seasoned entrepreneurial leader, organizational architect, and avid product builder with deep experience across a wide range of consumer technology companies. She is President and Chief Product Officer at TaskRabbit, where she leads the company’s experience and innovation strategy with a focus on building and delivering exceptional Tasker and Client experience. When not working, Sarah and her family enjoy hikes, biking, and explore beautiful places in and around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Leland Russell

Business and Leadership Coach

Leland is the founder of GEO Group Strategic Services and the architect of GEO Virtual Leadership. He has designed and facilitated virtual collaboration initiatives for CEO’s, business owners, and mission-critical teams. With broad experience and deep expertise in strategy, execution, and innovation, he is uniquely qualified to shape solutions to address radical, rapid change.

Nikki Silvestri

Equitable Economies Leader

Nikki is Founder/CEO of Soil and Shadow, a coaching and consulting firm focused on social and environmental entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur and serial non-profit Executive Director, Nikki has connected with leaders, businesses, and organizations at the intersection of ecology, economy, and social equity. She is an international keynote speaker, Greenpeace USA, and Business Alliance of Local Living Economies board member.

Frank Smyth

Global Journalist, Security Expert

Frank is an independent, award-winning investigative journalist specializing in armed conflicts, organized crime, and human rights overseas. He is a former arms trafficking investigator for Human Rights Watch, breaking the role of France in arming Rwanda before its genocide. Smyth is a global authority on journalist security and press freedom testifying to Congress and member states of several multilateral organizations. Frank is the founder and CEO of the leading U.S.-based hostile environments training firm.

Rita Trehan

Global HR & Business Transformation Expert

Rita is CEO of Dare Worldwide. She is a business transformation expert, a self-confessed workaholic and ideas junkie, author of "Unleashing Capacity", writer, and speaker. Starting her career in human resources, she harnessed her ambition and imagination to become a strategy guru to a range of successful CEOs worldwide by delivering game-changing corporate capacity building and HR strategies.

Janet VanHuysse

Global HR Executive

Janet is the Co-founder of TendLab and Head of People at Cloudflare. She has 20 years of experience as an HR leader in technology. Janet was the first VP HR at Twitter, then VP of Diversity & Inclusion. During that time, she pioneered many parental programs that resulted in Twitter's recognition as a great place to work for parents, including a 20-week parental leave policy, parent and manager round tables, dinners-to-go, and Mommy Mentor program.

Devry Boughner Vorwerk

Women in Business, Stakeholder Strategies, Global Government Relations

Devry is CEO of DevryBV Sustainable Strategies, a company that offers support to corporate leaders in four key areas – geopolitical and stakeholder strategies; organizational courage; strategic communications; and inspirational mentorship for women in international careers. Leading with innovative, bold solutions, Devry is recognized for truth and integrity. She leads with courage.

Liz Wald


Liz has spent her 25+ year career building, advising, and now, investing in start-ups and scale-ups around the globe. From her early days of AOL to starting her own company working with women in Africa, to time at Etsy, and Indiegogo, Liz has played instrumental roles in emerging industries that now include cannabis and blockchain. A hands-on leader, Liz has experience establishing global operations, raising capital and leading financial planning, and building high-performing teams.

Karen Watson

Strategic Communications / Journalism Consultant

Karen is a strategic communications consultant with a background in journalism, public policy advocacy, and corporate leadership with a comprehensive understanding of global consumer data, demographics, marketing, and advertising techniques. Karen possesses a strong commitment to and passion for forging private-public sector partnerships to impact social good.

Ellen Wingard

Transformational Leadership for Social Impact Expert

Ellen advises leaders who seek to integrate their professional and personal vision to achieve impact for their well-being, organization, and society. She partners with leaders committed to building inclusive cultures that foster gender equity and bias reduction in their global organizations. Ellen is Principal at Global Collaborative Change Partners and a consultant with Movius Consulting, as well as an author, commentator on NPR, and Executive Coach at Harvard School of Business.

Ann Witsil

Strategic Planning Expert

Ann has facilitated strategic planning and leadership development services for local, regional and global organizations for more than 25 years. Her work has enabled government agencies, international corporations, community groups and business teams to develop strategies, policies, new business lines and effective cultures. She serves on international boards addressing environmental, social equity, and community economic development and educational challenges.

Renee Wittemyer

Women & Technology Innovation Expert

Renee is Director of Program Strategy and Investment at Pivotal Ventures, the executive office of Melinda Gates, focusing on accelerating progress on social issues affecting women and girls in the U.S. Renee leads the organization’s work to activate and elevate girls and women as leaders of tech innovation. For her work on gender and technology, Renee has been awarded the “GemTech Global Achiever Award” by UN Women.